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Techno - To The Max Techno - To The Max

Rated 4 / 5 stars


This song has some cool parts in it. The main melody is just simple and fun, although not very original sounding to me.

But I liked the more distorted sound that was in somewhere in the middle of the song and the guitar part in the end sounded really cool when mixed with all these ingredients! You could make a wicked song with those elements.

The structure of the song was OK but the ending was too sudden. Because of an mp3 converter? If so, i suggest you to download WinLAME, it's a free and good mp3 converter.

The sounds were pretty cool. But in the end, some higher sounds were too noisy.

MrRandomist responds:

Thanks for your review, really need these as i would like to make my techno a lot better! the end was too sudden i just added a siren to end it i didnt know how i should end it i ran out of inspiration i guess and finished it quick, and i could of just kept going and going =)

_/Reavea\_ (demo 2) _/Reavea\_ (demo 2)

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Not bad.

I somehow felt this song to be relaxing. It had quite a lot of electronic music elements that are widely used and so I cannot compliment the originality of this song. Also, most of the synth sounds were too familiar to my taste.

The melodies aren't highly catchy or interesting. They just are simple melodic sections coming after another without getting any real recognition.

When I look past these "issues", I must admit that the sounds are beautiful. Either intented or not, they seem relaxing and they're nicely balanced IMO.

Nothing really new in this song, but I could listen to it again without trying to kill myself, so this mustn't be too bad.

You seem to also have this professional-like grip or sound in your music, and that may be hard to achieve, so points for that, too.

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ShootingStar responds:

Cool, thanks a bunch!!!
I'll look into this for the final version...!